How to Turn off Find My iPhone On iPhone 6

Howdy, iphone user. One of the most important things about using an iphone is that they are highly secured and they try to protect your phone from being stolen from lost and that’s there is a feature in your iphone 6 called “find my iphone”. Many people don’t know the importance of this feature but … Read more

How to Dial an Extension on iPhone and Save the Extensions


The mobile number extensions are great for the big companies to group up different numbers. The extensions allow the companies to get multiple phone numbers with the same starting numbers, making it easier for the people to remember the phone numbers. Sometimes, the people find is very hard to remember or save the multiple extensions … Read more

How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone Passcode [ SOLUTIONS ]

The passcode protects the stolen iPhone devices. If the thief is trying to unlock your iPhone, then he has to enter the correct passcode. Otherwise, your iPhone will be locked for a certain period and indefinitely if the limit exceeds. But, how the thieves unlock a stolen iPhone without passcode? We are not the expert, … Read more

How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings without iTunes or Mac

If you don’t use the iPad carefully, it is going to slow down and you won’t be able to use it properly. To fix the slow performance or any other problem, you should reset the iPad to factory settings. But, there are many people who don’t have the access to the computer and cannot do … Read more