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Venkatesh Joshi


– Role: Founder, Author, Editor

– Email: [email protected]

Venkatesh Joshi is the visionary behind With his profound knowledge and expertise in the field of PC technology, he founded the website with the aim of sharing his passion for computers with others. Venkatesh wears multiple hats, serving as both the author and editor of the content on our website. His dedication to providing accurate and insightful information is what drives our success.


Swaraj Nandedkar

Swaraj Nandedkar is the co-founder and Manager at, a leading platform dedicated to exploring the intersections of technology and gaming. With a passion for all things tech-related, Swaraj brings years of expertise in curating insightful content that caters to both seasoned tech enthusiasts and beginners alike.

His role as Manager at involves overseeing content strategy, fostering collaborations, and ensuring that readers receive the latest and most relevant information in the ever-evolving world of technology. Swaraj’s commitment to delivering engaging and informative articles has contributed to the platform’s growth as a go-to resource for tech and gaming aficionados.

For inquiries or collaborations, Swaraj can be contacted at [email protected].


Li Xia

– Role: Graphic Designer

– Email: [email protected]


Li Xia is our talented graphic designer who adds visual appeal to our website. With a keen sense of aesthetics and a flair for creativity, Li Xia creates visually stunning graphics, illustrations, and designs that enhance the overall user experience. From eye-catching banners to captivating infographics, [email protected]’s work adds a touch of artistic excellence to


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