About Us

Hey! This is the Founder and Editor of PCFielders.com. We built the PCFielders with the aim to provide in-depth tutorials to fix the computer related problems. Slowly, we expanded bit by bit and started providing the Mac OS tutorials, iPhone Tutorials, Android Tutorials, and the Latest Addition is the News Section.

We are pledged to provide the best possible content to our readers and we generously accept the recommendations from our readers. If you have any suggestion about our content, style of writing or have any tip for us, then you are free to use the Contact Form to connect with us.


BOTS behind PC Fielders


  • Venkatesh Joshi – He is the one who comes up with the ideas and curates the content written by others. He is a Chartered Accountancy Student who handles his Studies and the site with ease. He is the man behind most of the Article Ideas and the In-depth tutorials.


  • Swaraj Nandedkar – A Technology Nerd who loves to dismantle electronic equipment and install Linux distros every month. He is a BOT who executes the ideas proposed by Venkatesh Joshi. He is the one who writes and Publishes the new articles.