Solved: How Do I Pair My Roku Remote Without The Pairing Button

When it comes to streaming online media on your TV, many people are still using digital media players like Roku. The device is used to stream online content through various streaming platforms without facing any problem, and it will give you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. However, when it comes to using a Roku remote, some people have complained about pairing it. Some people have asked questions like how do I pair my Roku remote without the pairing button.

If you doubt how to pair my Roku remote without the pairing button, you have this problem because the remote you have is a standard one. In this remote, the syncing button isn’t available on the remote, making it a little bit harder to connect it with the TV. Still, there are some ways to do that, and we have explained that below.

How To Pair My Roku TV Remote Without The Pairing Button

Follow these steps to connect your Roku remote without pairing the TV to the TV. 

  • Plugin the Roku device into the TV and connect it to the power outlet.
  • Now insert batteries into the Roku remote.

how do i pair my roku tv remote without the pairing button

  • Push buttons on your remote. 

While inserting batteries, you will have to make sure you are using those suitable to this remote. Usually, you may require AA and AAA types of batteries to put into the Roku remote and connect it with the TV.

One more thing you need to make sure of is that you see connecting the tv remote with the TV. Since you are using an infrared tv remote, there should be no obstacle between the remote and the TV.

How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button 

how do i pair my roku express remote without the pairing button

Using the Roku remote is quite easy if there is a syncing button there. Some people get confused about how to sync a Roku remote without a pairing button. It would help if you had a standard IR remote in such cases, and you can connect it without any problem. Here is how you can sync Roku remote without any pairing button.

Removing Obstacles: If any obstacles are standing in between you and the Tv remote, try to remove them or get to that point where you can easily use the infrared standard remote to connect with Tv. Sometimes because of the obstacles, we don’t get enough signal to connect the Roku remote with the TV.

Putting Batteries Correctly:– Some people don’t know how to put batteries in the remote correctly, and if they are not placed correctly, you will face some problem while pairing the Roku remote with the TV. After putting batteries correctly, try pointing the remote to the streaming device correctly and see whether it’s working or not.

Replacing Battery:- If the remote isn’t syncing with a Roku streaming device, it could be because of the fault in the batteries. In such cases, you need to put the working pair of correct batteries in your Roku remote to see whether it’s working. 

Where Is Pairing Button On TCL Roku Remote

If you are using an updated or latest version of the Roku remote, you can use the pairing button to sync the remote with the streaming device. If you are having some trouble while connecting to Roku remote, then using the pairing button on the remote can fix that issue. Here is how to find the pairing button on the Roku remote.

Where is pairing button tcl roku remote

  • First, open the battery compartment of your Roku remote.
  • Near the edge of the battery compartment, you will find the pairing button. 

You can find an indicator light either on the front side of the remote or right beside the pairing button.

Roku Remote Keeps Disconnecting

Suppose the Problem of disconnecting the Roku remote is irritating you. In that case, it’s pretty obvious because one who likes watching movies, and can’t connect their remote to the TV makes them irritating.

If the Roku remote keeps disconnecting, there must be some reasons behind this Problem, and here are some of them.

Dead Battery: If the batteries you are using are dead or not in a workable condition, it will create the disconnecting Problem.

Pair The Remote: You must first pair the remote with the device because you can’t use the remote properly without it.

Technical Problem:- Sometimes, because of bad weather or some technical issues, the remote might not connect with the Roku device. In such cases, have some patience and try to connect it again.

Wifi Error:- If the wifi connection to which the remote is connected isn’t working properly, you will also face the Problem of remote disconnecting frequently. In such cases, you need to make sure you have got wifi connection in working condition because it’s essential for connecting the remote.

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So these are some of the usable methods to connect your Roku tv remote without the pairing button. If you are not using the latest version of the Roku remote, you can use the methods mentioned above to pair the remote with the device. If you have any doubts regarding this issue, try to leave a comment below because we will be happy to help you resolve that issue.

If you have found any other solution that worked for you, and we haven’t mentioned it, please let us know because it can also help other users.

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