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Oyster cards, also known as visitor oyster cards or oyster cards are digital smartcards that you really can load with credit and use for travel here on tube, buses, docklands light rail transport, uber ship by Thames clippers river transportation services, london overhead and underground, tfL rail, and the majority of national rail services in London. As you enter and exit the gateways, tap your oyster card on the reader in the yellow area to use it. On trains and buses, customers don’t even have to tap out at the completion of your trip. Here in this article we covered up every information about how to apply for oyster cards for students of different age group. 

How To Apply Oyster Cards For Students 2023

The city of London is excellent for students. If you’ve just begun your studies, we have advice to get around, actually travel, and reduce spending on your travels. The city of London is excellent for students. If you’ve just begun your studies, we have advice to get around, travel safely, and cut costs on your travels.

oyster card for students 16, 18+

Apply Oyster Card For Students Under 16:-

With a zip oyster student card, kids aged 11 to 15 can travel for free or at a reduced rate on any of our public transportation. The perks that come with using the oyster student card for children under the age of 16 include Access to buses and trams is free. Pay-as-you-go prices for children are available on the Tube, DLR, London Overground, Elizabeth line (except between West Drayton and Reading), and Emirates Airline. 

50% off of the majority of Railway Network operators fares, Tickets for the Thames Clippers River Bus services are 50% discounted at adult rates. Anyone can use the 11–15 Zip oyster card as soon as you receive it.

On yellow card readers, be careful to tap in at the beginning of every commute and out at the conclusion. Just tap in when using city buses.

Apply Oyster Card For Students 18+

An 18+ Student oyster card functions like a regular oyster card but has a little distinctive look because it has a picture of you on it. You are also eligible for certain additional savings.

Students can save 30% on adult-rate Travelcards as well as Buses & Tramway Passes season ticket holders if you hold an 18+ Student Oyster photocard.

An 18+ student oyster card could be available to anyone when you’re at least 18 years old, enrolled full-time in school, live at a London residence during the academic year, or are required to do a work placement there.

Users can make the journey as much as they want for a week, a month, or a year with a Travelcard standard ticket. Based on how long it is active with and which zones users are commuting between, a travelcard’s price will change. For instance, a weekly travelcard will cost £33 if you exclusively travel within zone 1 or between zones 1 and 2. Zones 1-3 will cost you £38.70 to travel across. A complete list of prices can be seen on the TfL website.

Oyster Card For Students Outside London: 

Teenagers without a zip oyster student card who are traveling from outside London may receive cheap travel for up to 14 days with the young traveler discount:

50% off adult-rate paid when you go prices and everyday limits on most British rail services, as well as buses, the tube, trams, the DLR, the London intercity, and the Elizabeth railway. 50% off adult rate passes for the Thames clippers river bus and Emirates airlines flights.

Inquire your institution, school, or college if they are enrolled on the 18+ Student oyster card program if your school, college, or university was out of greater London but you commute frequently and end up living in a Local authority during the academic year.

If you reside in an area of London and were 18 on August 31, you can still be qualified for a 16+ zip oyster card.

Oyster Card For Students In London:

At oyster booking stops, transport hubs, and visitor centers, you can also purchase season tickets for the bus & tram pass and reduced travelcards. At a few British Rail stations, reduced Travelcards are available.

Also you can begin utilizing it for travel. On yellow card readers, be careful to tap in at the beginning of your travel and out at the conclusion. Only tap it on buses and trams to enter.

Requirements to apply for oyster card:

You must submit the following information to apply for your card online:

  • a live email account
  • your student ID from UCL
  • Address in an Area of london
  • Digital photo ( less than 6MB in size and a.jpg,.bmp, or.gif)
  • The actual end-of-program date from Portico.


Are Oyster cards free for students?

UCL has the authority to give oster cards for free for some certain students. Now those students can either be aged between 16 or 17 and they must be living in London also. For more detailed information visit Transport for London’s official website and get to know more about it. 

What are the benefits of a student Oyster card?

Holders of the student oyster cards have various benefits, the one in which they can avail a discount of upto 30% off on the adult travel rate is quite significant and that’s why many students like to use it while traveling through metro. 

How much does a student Oyster card cost?

It’s mandatory that the school, colleges or institutes must register themselves with the tfl scheme so that the students will get the benefit of these cards. The registration fee is around 25 pound. 

Is it cheaper to use Oyster or contactless?

If you are in London traveling around one week or so then it’s good to go for the contactless cards but if you are a frequent commuter then it’s good to go with the oyster cards as they have more benefits. 

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Oyster cards are widely used by residents of London to pay for public transportation. A compact smartcard called an Oyster may store pay-as-you-go credits (cash), Travelcards, and Buses & Tram Tickets. Each Oyster card can be loaded with cash and this is all the required information about oyster cards for the students, which must have helped you at some point, and if there are any doubts or questions, leave a comment down below of visit pcfielders.com to get more related information.