Now DSTV Activate Using enter code

Digital Satellite Television is among the main terrestrial tv service suppliers in Sub-Saharan Africa. A wide range of nations in the region are served by the dstv, which was founded in 1995. These include South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, and several other countries. To serve others with tv Streaming connectivity, dstv developed the dstv Now application. The enter code activation process is what the customers need to first complete and then only they can start looking for their favorite shows on the bigger TV screen, here in this article you will find every info about /tv code activation.

Now DSTV Activate Using enter code

You must go through a number of steps in order to activate your code. However, here is the procedure for activating a /tv Code on your smart TV in the easiest ways. 

  • Using a smartphone or pc register at the authorized dstv webpage.
  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive the DSTV now activation code.
  • /tv code activation
  • Then turn on the Smart tv that you’ll be adding the dstv Now application to.
  • Search the dstv Now application in your application store or play store or in apple store.
  • Launch the app once it has been downloaded.
  • It’ll also provide the current location.
  • Then you can input a tv code at /tv using mobile or PC.
  • You can access an endless amount of the movies and television series that are featured on the application after entering the /tv Code Activation code successfully. 

What is /tv code & How To Use It

The /tv enter code is essentially a string of integers that helps with code authentication. However, how would you be using the program activation code to accomplish the code setup procedure, and where can one obtain the code sign – up process?. These are all just a few of the queries because those who are eager to install dstv Now onto Smart tvs.

What Are The Supporting Devices With DSTV Now

Those appliances that are able to run the dstv Now application can complete the /tv code activation procedure successfully. So here is the list of the several smart TVs which work also with the dstv Now application are listed here.

  • Models OS 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 of LG smart tvs
  • Hisense smart tv models starting in 2018.
  • Samsung smart tv models starting in 2015. 
  • Plenty of other smart TVs which are running on the latest OS. 

How To Link Your dstv Account Online Using /tv sign up

Use these following easy steps to link your dstv Now profile to your dstv account online.

  • Go to the dstv Now official webpage.
  • dstv now login activation code
  • By installing the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone, you may browse dstv Now online at
  • Login or Register to gain access, click the “Sign In” option on the website and enter your dstv user credentials. 
  • An option available is to use the “Sign Up” option to create a profile after which follow the on-screen instructions to finish the sign – up process.
  • To sign up, you’ll need to have a passcode, a mobile number, and an email account. Once all needed details have been filled out, select “Create An Account” from the menu.
  • Add a dstv profile.

If it’s not currently connected, please follow the steps to link your dstv account to your dstv Connect ID. The respective information must be provided.

  • ID for the user
  • Number on a smart card
  • User base

Choose Find My dstv Account after that to connect your profiles. You’ll be used to all of the unique updates once you’ve completed that. enter code not working

Check whether you have entered the activation code at the official site of the correctly. Because sometimes the code that had been used by the users expires after some time so check whether that’s the case with you or not. 

Make sure that the smart TVs are working on fine internet connection, and see whether the connection wires are properly connected or not. You can always connect the support system of the dstv and resolve the technical matter which is bothering you, since their services are online 24*7 hours, it will get resolved pretty much quickly. 


Can my dstv subscription be changed?

You can enhance your dstv subscription if you want to watch a certain athletic event or enjoy a particular show, then reduce it yet again on the day of your subsequent payment. For the duration until your next purchase, you must cover the difference among your current plan and the upgraded subscription when you upgrade.

How many devices can be connected to dstv?

Single device at once streaming is now possible with one’s dstv subscription. Users still have the option to add four devices to your account.

What’s the name of the DSTV application?

The name of the application is DSTV NOW that can be accessed through any major platform. 

Can I use DSTV now on PC?

Yes, you can use DSTV on your PC also. Go to the google play store, and type in “DSTV now” in the search box, click on it and install it. After the installation is finished, open it up and start using the application on the home screen. 

Can I Install DSTV Now On My Smart TV?

Yes, the application is fully equipped to support on every major smart TVs, so try to get the app through app store and run it on smart TV. 

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Users of dstv now get another ticket to thrilling entertainment media thanks to dstv. Far more surprising is the fact that dstv now offers free online accessibility to both written and non scripted programmes. There is no longer any need for users to always run h ome to enjoy their favorite shows since by using /tv enter code activation link you will be able to enjoy the full entertainment even on bigger TV screens. If you have any doubts or questions leave a comment down below, or visit the and get more information.