Disney has Crossed The $5BN Benchmark and Target To Achieve $10BN Soon

Disney's Box Office Collection Crossed $5BN

When it comes to the entertainment industry, Disney has always been ruling over this sector. 2019 was a blast for Disney because from the start of Avengers: Endgame Disney managed to cross the benchmark of $5BN early. Recently another big budget film Aladdin has released by Disney which is also breaking the box office records. … Read more

Report Shows Apple Is Planning To Kill iTunes Because Data Privacy Issues

Apple is that tech company which has brought revolution to music, smartphone, and tablet industry with its unique products. iTunes is one of those products which Apple users love to use, but Apple is now planning to kill it. ┬áiTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster which was launched back in 2001 … Read more

Because of Apps iPhone Privacy Has Been Broken

iPhone Apps Leaked Data

Everyone likes to use the iPhone because of its excellent user interface and new features, right?. However, how would you react if your details are getting leaked because of some apps which you have installed on your iPhone? Well, something like this is happening among many iPhone users. It’s been reported that iPhone privacy has … Read more

YouTube to Merge YouTube Gaming Section in Itself on Thursday

youtube gaming merges with main site

YouTube launched the separate gaming section to support the gaming-related content and live streams. But the move was not entirely accepted by the gaming community itself. And that’s why after five years, YouTube is closing down the Gaming section and merging it with the main website. The YouTube gaming website will be combined with the … Read more