How To Turn On Apple TV Remote Control

Apple TV is one of the most demanding TV brands currently in the market because it provides a reasonable amount of features that every entertainment lover wants. However, when it comes to turning on Apple TV, sometimes people get confused about it, and they don’t know how to turn on Apple TV with or without … Read more

How To Uninstall Parallels On MacBook

When it comes to using macbook, I like the most about the simple yet useful UI it provides. However, sometimes using a simple computer becomes a headache when facing some error issues with pre-installed softwares in your system. Removing software or applications is just easy because you have to drag it to the trash icon, … Read more

Top 5 Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming With Friends

The LAN gaming was on fire back in the days of Counter-Strike 1.1, and it is still in the trend. With the bunch of friends coming together for a LAN party are familiar visuals in any of the hostels of the colleges. Well, you can use the standard port forwarding method to create the virtual … Read more

iTunes Store Gone! Podcasts, TV & Music Apps for MacOS from Apple

iTunes gone

As we expected a few days ago, Apple has discontinued iTunes Stores forever. Today at WWDC 2019, Apple announced that iTunes Store is not going to live a long life, as the company is launching the separate apps for Podcasts, TV, and Music for MacOS. From next time, the iTunes won’t be installed on the … Read more

Stop iTunes From Opening When iPhone is Connected

One of the good things about syncing your iPhone with your PC or MacBook is that you will be able to go to the iTunes and play songs directly after you connect your iPhone to your MacBook. But sometimes it bothers you when you get to see the iTunes opening even when you don’t want … Read more