Best Emoji Apps for Android Users in 2023

The best way to share your feelings and emotions on the Android smartphones are the emojis. Without Emojis, online chatting is not that interesting and is monotonous. The small cute icons expressing the feelings and expressions are essential for spicing up the conversation with your friend, family member, strangers, or even in the comments. If you are using an Android smartphone daily, then you should know something about the best Emoji apps for Android in 2023 to get access to an endless choice of emojis.

If texting or chatting has become annoying than usual, you can use the emojis to express the feelings or add a fun element to the chats. Simple textual messages are annoying and non-interesting, but clever use of emojis make it more interesting than you could ever think. If making your conversation Interactive and exciting, then you should download any of the best Emoji apps for Android and then chat with everyone you wanted to talk with access to thousands of unique emojis. In this post, we are going to share some excellent Android apps for Emojis, that you can use while chatting with your friends or loved ones and add some spice in the conversations. All you have to do is to download any of the following Emojis apps for Android 2023, and you’re done with finding the emojis in the Facebook Messenger, or the WhatsApp.


Top Best Emoji Apps for Android

The Emoji apps for Android are nothing but the keyboard apps, that contain tons of special emojis you won’t find by default in the social and messaging apps. Check out the best emoji apps for android texting and lit up the conversation within a few seconds with intelligent use of the emojis.


#1 – Kika Emoji Keyboard

When it comes to the Android emoji keyboard apps, you should not miss the Kika Emoji keyboard app for Android. It is one of the best emoji keyboards for Android, which you should check out before downloading any other random application. With the Kika Emoji Keyboard app, you can get access to the keyboard for typing, specialized emojis stored in the separate section, GIF images and many other things.

With the variety of Emojis to use for conversing with your friends on WhatsApp or SMS, you can use those emojis to make your conversations more interactive. It’s not just the emoji app but also the keyboard app. with tons of features for keyboard users like the customizable theme, key sounds, language options, autocorrect feature and many more; the Kika Keyboard is one of the best apps for emojis on Android operating system. You can download this app from the Google Play Store right now.

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# 2 – GBoard Keyboard

GBoard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android, and it comes with the unique set of Google-specific Emoji pack. With the emojis that you find on most of the Google-powered services like Gmail, Google Hangouts, and many others, you can get an extensive variety of the same with Gboard keyboard. GBoard is known as the Google Keyboard, as it comes with the Google Assistant to help you with the typing and search functions.

Google is continuously introducing a new set of emojis that suits the current environment. Recently, they released the original emoji set, which will help the Gender-neutral community a lot. You can find this app on the Google Play Store.


# 3 – Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard comes with the interactive features for the keyboard app, but it also comes with tons of emojis. With the dedicated button on the keyboard for Emojis, the users will find it extremely easy to use the emojis whenever they are chatting with the loved ones. Swiftkey keyboard comes with the stock Android emoji set, but with the additional customization options, you can create your version of the emojis or even import the different ones.

Another exciting feature of the Swiftkey Keyboard app is that it comes with the Emoji prediction. For example, you are typing “ice cream,” and the keyboard will predict the ice cream emoji, and you can select the same to use instead of merely using the words. Swiftkey is a free android emoji app but has some additional in-app content that you have to purchase.


#4 – ASCII Faces

ASCII Faces is not technically the Emoji app for Android, but if you think using the ASCII based emojis as the real emojis, then you will find this app exciting. The ASCII Faces app has tons of different ASCII based emojis, that you can use while chatting with your friends or even while making the memes. These faces are widely used in the memes and also while the smirky chatting session with friends is in progress.

The App utilizes the characters available on the Android and arranges them to make the faces of the characters. They are quite tricky if you want to make it by using each character. So, using apps like ASCII faces is a wise idea. You can Find ASCII Faces app on the Google Play Store for free.

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#5 – Emoji Letter Maker

Emoji letter maker does the exact thing as its name suggests. With the Emoji Letter Maker Android app, you can write letters using the bunch of emojis. With this app, you can select the preferred emoji and input the word or alphabet, and the app will do its thing. With this simple application, you can use all of the emojis to make alphabets or even long sentences. While trolling someone or showing love to someone, sharing the emoji letters are best.  You can write the name of your loved ones with “Heart” emoji and share it with them to let them know how much you love them. You can find this app on Google Play Store for Free with additional in-app purchases.


Final Words

So, these are some of the best Emoji apps for Android. With these apps, you can get access to countless emojis, that are not natively present in the Android Ecosystem. If you love spicing up the online conversation, then there is nothing better than using the emojis. I hope you’ll find this list of best android apps for emojis useful. All you have to do is to visit the Google Play Store and download any or all of these emoji apps for android for your convenience.