Activate Youtube Kids Using com/activate code

If you have kids and they want to watch something good on the television screen then one thing which you can do is always go to the youtube kids and let them decide which shows or videos they want to watch since there is so much content. However, the first thing that you need to do is use code and get the services of the youtube on your TV screen. So here is this blog post we have discussed on how to do it efficiently.

Activate Youtube Kids Using com/activate code

Currently there are several ways to make a youtube kids account and turn on the youtube kids app on your Samsung smart Television, but the one which we have explained here is quite simple and here is what you need to do. 

http // enter code

  • Click on the Samsung Smart TV home button on the Remote.
  • Then go to “Apps.”
  • Choose the “youtube kids” app on the apps that appear in the menu.
  • Choose “Samsung Apps” and use the Samsung search box to the top- right.
  • Look for “youtube kids” and choose “ Install” to download an app on TV.
  • Open the youtube kids app and click on “yes, sign me in” on the Display .
  • Go to on a web browser through Android phone or PC.
  • Enter the activation code on the Television screen and Tap on “link.”
  • Login with your Gmail account or choose the kids profile you created on and you are ready to use YouTube kids.

How To Setup Youtube Kids Profile Using 

The initial move to set off youtube kids on smart Television is to set up a profile for your child’s on so, we’re going to view how to set up a youtube kids profile and account in this Part: introducir codigo

  • Open a Web browser on your phone or PC and proceed to
  • Click on the “profile” icon with the “watch it again” message.
  • Now choose “ Get Started” on get a parent to sign in hence that you can Set off and edit up a profile.
  • Now choose “ Next” on the Display that follows and assure that you own a Gmail account.
  • Enter the details of the year you’re born to certify your age and choose “ Submit”. Don’t enter your child’s name Or else, you won’t be capable of setting up a youtube kid profile account.
  • At this point, the youtube kids will show off kids videotapes on what you can do with and you can either choose a display handbook to read through and further choose “ Next.”
  • Now, you are required to sign in as a parent with your Google account., Select “ Sign In” 
  •  Tap on “ Add a new account.”
  • A pop-up window will come out Suggesting you to sign in to your Gmail account to Proceed with the youtube kids profile arrangement.
  • The youtube kids configuration screen will reload and all your kid’s search history on youtube will appear to you when you Go to with the connected Google account. 

Activate Youtube Kids On Fire TV Using

There are many fire TV users who are trying to get the services of the youtube kids but they are not able to find the right guide. So here is the step by step process mentioned below for the activation of kids YouTube on Amazon fire TV.

  • If the youtube kids app is not previously installed on the Fire Television go to the app store and install it.
  • If it is already installed then just begin the youtube kids on your Amazon Fire TV and Look for youtube kids.
  • Choose the option to sign in to the youtube kids app or utilize the app as a guest. though, to be capable of watching your child’s activities you must sign in.
  • Still, if you opt for the sign in option for youtube kids then the activation code will be displayed on the screen.
  • Using your desired web browser on the mobile or PC, visit
  • Enter the kids application activation code show on the Television Display and Tap on “Connect.”
  • Log into your youtube account or choose the child profile from the list and Enter it.
  • Enter the code sent to verification and confirmation.
  • Refresh the page and you are set to operate kids YouTube.

Activate Youtube Kids Using on Apple TV

If you are an Apple TV user and trying to find a way to get the services of youtube kids then here here is the procedure to set it up on your device:

  • Launch the “Apps Store” on your “Apple TV.”
  • Go for “ youtube kids.”
  • Click on “Get” to download and install the youtube app.
  • Start the youtube kids app when it’s downloaded.
  • When questioned to sign in or use as a guest, choose “yes, sign me in.”
  • The app will display and question you to proceed to 
  • Go to on a Web browser.
  • Enter the code shown on your Television.
  • Click on “connect” and sign in to your youtube or Gmail account or opt the kid profile.
  • When all above the process is completed then the account goes through verification and then the activation code will be sent to you.
  • Enter the activation code and set up your kids YouTube profile.


Where Do I Enter Where do I enter the activation code?

You will have to first install the application on the respective device on which you want to install this application, and then once you get the activation code use the link of and enter the activation code in there. 

Where do I find my YouTube TV code?

You can find the youtube kids TV activation code on the device on which it’s being installed. For example, if it’s being installed at android TV or FireTV then you will find the activation code once you sign in to the youtube tv account. 

Is YouTube Kids for 12 years old?

Yes, youtube kids is an application which was specifically designed for the kids who are aged upto 12, and it’s highly effective for them since this can help in many creative and informative ways.

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So these are some of the best ways through which you can use and get this application installed on any of the devices. Youtube Kids have gotten lots of popularity since it’s beneficial in many ways. If your kid is trying to watch some videos on youtube then this is the best platform to start out with, still if you have any doubts, leave a comment down below or you can visit and get more information about the similaer topics also.