Error 31 Other Network Problem

Verizon is undoubtedly one of the best cellular service providing companies in the USA, and that’s why more than a hundred million people are using their service in this country. Even though the advancement of technology has happened, we will still sometimes face network related issues. It’s recently been observed that Verizon users complained about getting an error on 31 other network problems in their cell phone. If you are also one of those facing error 31 code, then you are at the right place because here we have tried to explain the solution to fix this issue along with the reason.

What Is Error 31 Other Network Problem In Verizon 

Even if it might seem odd to Verizon users, we have witnessed straight talk error 31 faces by thousands of people in the USA. After researching the reason behind this problem, we managed to find out the actual reason why Verizon users are facing this problem, and here are possible reasons.

verizon error 31 other network problem

Signal Extender:- Many people we know use the signal extender to fetch more than the usual network they get. Signal extender is nothing but a divide that will help you fetch the different networks in your area if you cannot get a sufficient network. However, this could be the primary reason you might face 31 other network problems on Verizon. A malfunction in this device will cause this error to pop up.

iMessage Is Enabled:- if an android user is trying to send a text message to an iPhone user who has enabled the “iMessage” feature on their smartphone, they will get this error code. Because enabling the iMessage feature automatically blocks text messages from other android smartphones.

Messaging Application:- The current messaging app you are using might not be compatible with Verizon, causing error 31 in your smartphone. Some messaging apps are not compatible enough to work with Verizon, and such mi functioning will result in this error.


How to Fix Verizon Error 31 Other Network Problem

Since you must have gotten the idea of why you face this error, let’s get ahead and find out the actual methods to quickly fix this issue.

Method 1:- Change Messaging Application

Even if it might sound so silly, using another messaging app on your android device will cause this error to pop up. In such cases, the best solution for you is to switch on to the official Verizon messaging application, which you can download from the play store. Android users who use third-party messaging applications will face this problem; if that’s the space, try using Verizon messaging app to fix this issue.

error 31 other network problem



Method 2:- Disabling iMessage

As explained earlier, the iMessage feature is such a weird one that it will prevent the iPhone from receiving messages from other android cell phones. If you’re trying to send a message to an iPhone user who has enabled this feature, then you will get Verizon network problem error 31 Until such users turn off iMessage features, here is how you can turn off iMessage features from your iPhone with simple steps.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Messages.”
  • Then tap on “iMessages” toggle to turn off.

Straight talk error 31

This will turn off the iMessage feature that has been active in your iPhone, probably causing this error to pop up. CHeck whether this fixes the issue you are facing.

Method 3:- Disabling Signal Extender

If you are using signal extender then as mentioned above it might be causing the error you are facing. Temporary disable the signal extender you are using, and also turn off the WiFi. After doing that, try to send the text message using verizon cellular network and see whether the message is sent. If it doesn, then it means the problem you were facing was the signal extender, and now it’s been fixed.
u .s. Cellular error code 31

If you have any technical problems while dealing with signal extenders, try contacting the technician who will help you deal with the signal extender.

Method 4:- Clear Cache And Data From Messaging App

Sometimes, the unwanted cache and data history stored in the messaging app you are using might be causing verizon error 31. If that’s the case, you need to clear all cache and data from the messaging app you are using, and here is how you can do it.


  • Go to Settings in your android phone.
  • Locate and click on “apps and notification.”
  • Now find Message application.
  • Click on storage, then clear cache and data respectively.
  • After this try to see whether this was the reason why you were facing such an irritating problem.

Pro Tip (Might Work, So Try Accordingly)

It’s been observed that some users could send the message after receiving error code 31, and what they did was keep pressing the “send” button. It’s not a hundred percent sure whether this works or not, but it’s four sure that some of these users must have pressed the “send” button ten times. If the methods mentioned above didn’t work out for you, try doing this simple yet effective technique. Who knows, you might be able to get rid of this issue finally.


So these are some of the best working methods to fix Verizon error 31 other network problems. These solutions are explained after researching the reason behind this issue. There could be more solutions that we haven’t mentioned, and if you have used any of them, let us know since it will help other users solve this issue.

If you have doubt or suggestion, leave a comment below, and if the problem persists, try contacting a technician since it would be a more technical problem than we know.

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