2 Ways For How To Watch Twitch On Roku 2023

Every gamer nowadays will be found at only one place, and that’s TWITCH. The way developers managed to create the twitch platform is quite outstanding because it’s a place where you can stream, watch and record the existing live streaming of the games and many other things. If we compare twitch with other gaming streaming platforms, then it’s quite different yet quite useful. But if you are using Roku Tv and trying to find how to watch twitch on the roku, you are at the correct place. 

Twitch which was launched a year ago has improved its streaming quality services. If we compare it with Youtube and other streaming platforms, it offers premium quality of services. There are many esports leagues, online gaming, movie streaming, and much other interesting stuff always going on the twitch platform. If you are not using it, then there is a high chance that you are missing a big part of the entertainment.


How Can You Get Twitch On Roku?

As if you know that amazon removed the twitch app from the Roku device a couple of months ago, and because of that, you won’t be able to find the application on the Roku subscription channels. Gone are the days when you install the twitch app directly from the Roku player and add it to the channels list and steam games for long hours.

So the big question which remains in the users’ minds is how to watch twitch on roku if it’s discontinued?. There are some ways you can still get to use the twitch app on the Roku player. 

  • Use the twitchTV unofficial app to Install Twitch.
  • Use Twoku To stream twitch on Roku TV.


Method 1:- Use The TwitchTV Unofficial App To Install Twitch.

The best thing about using the twitch tv unofficial app is that it will help you install the official version of the twitch on the Roku player quite easily, and here is how you can do that most easily.


  • Open the desired web browser on pc.
  • Go to the Roku account page.
  • Sign in using valid credentials.
  • Now under the add channel, enter TWITCH TV.
  • Follow the on-screen guidance to install it.
  • Open the unofficial twitch app on the Roku device.
  • A notice will pop up saying, “Official Twitch Channel Now Available.”
  • Click on YES.
  • Now the page for the official twitch app will appear.
  • Add the official twitch app on the Roku’s home screen.


If the unofficial twitch app is not visible on the home screen, go to the Settings > System > System Restart. This will restart the Roku device player and will load the twitch app if it’s not been done in the earlier stage. This method might look quite odd, but it works because you are using the unofficial twitch version to add a twitch app on the Roku player. However, if you didn’t succeed with this method, head over to the next one. 


Method 2:- Use Twoku To stream twitch on Roku TV.

The other way is to use the unofficial third-party version of the twitch app, developed by the GitHub developers. Even if it’s third-party developed, the features of the two apps are similar to the official version of the twitch app, and you won’t be disappointed for sure. Please have a look at the two app’s features before you install and start using it

  • Browse various steam categories and see live stream count.
  • Twoku will let you login into your Twitch account and sync the data automatically.
  • You can use the “search menu” option to discover new twitch channels.
  • Twitch chat can be added to the screen for chatting with streamers.
  • You can access popular twitch clips from the past.

If you look at the twoku versions, it’s a great third-party-developed app that offers you premium twitch features for free of cost. It’s like using the modified version of the twitch official, and that’s quite easy to use. 


How To Watch Twitch On Roku Using the Twoku app

So if you are still interested in using it, let’s go into the installation process and carefully follow the steps mentioned above.

  • Go to Roku’s account page.
  • Login to your Roku account.
  • Go to the channels list, and type TWOKU.
  • Now click on Add the twoku channel.
  • The notification of unverified channels will pop up.
  • Click on yes, add the channel.

Now you will use the modded version of twitch to stream your favorite games and enjoy the streaming unlimited. This version of the Roku is suitable for those guys who wnat to enjoy the effortless streaming of their movies or TV shows on the bigger screen. Besides the twitch, you can get any entertainment on your TV’s bigger screen with easy steps.

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So these are the best ways to stream twitch on your Roku device and ultimately on the bigger TV screen. Twitch is becoming quite an essential part of the entertainment, and we can experience it better with the help of streaming devices like Roku. If you have ny doubt or got some questions about the same topic, leave a comment down below, we will be happy to help you out.

Many people are trying to install twitch on Roku TV directly, but because of th misinformation, they cannot do it. So here in this blog post, we tried to be more authentic and gave our best to help you out; we hope you like it.