Solved: How To Connect Roku To TV Without HDMI Port

Hulu is the type of streaming device which has managed to help thousands of people seamless stream movies and TV shows. So now, whether you’re a fan of sci-fi movies or thriller ones, you will get to see each of them on the big screen, thanks to Roku. Roku was launched many years ago, and since that users don’t need to use the HDMI based cabling system, which was time consuming and not so good.

Roku is the type of Device that can be used quite easily. You need to set it up first and then enjoy the streaming service without anyone’s bother. But some people have doubts about how to connect Roku to tv without an HDMI cable. If you’re also in the same dilemma, don’t worry because you can use the Roku stick instead of the HDMI cable, and in this article, we have explained how you can do that.

How To Connect Roku To TV Without HDMI

So when you want to stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu but don’t know how to set up and connect the tiny device to the TV, don’t worry. Because in this method, we explained the legit ways you can connect a Roku device to the TV without the HDMI.

  • First of all, get the Roku stick and connect it to the TV’s HDMI port correctly. If you’ve older TVs, you will need to use the cabling system that will match with Roku device and TV.
  • how to connect roku to tv without hdmi
  • Now connect the Roku device to the AC adapter. Older Roku models use round plugs, and mostly newer versions come with the USB supported.
  • Ensure that you have set the TV to the correct input for the Roku device. If it’s done, then you will see Roku welcome screen on the TV.
  • Put the batteries into the Roku remote.
  • Pair the Roku remote, and it can be done by pressing the reset button near the battery compartment.
  • How to connect Roku stick to TV 
  • Now using the Roku remote, set up the Roku device and connect it with an internet connection like WiFi nearby; you can also connect it with the ethernet cable.
  • If you have a WiFi system, choose the “set up wireless connection” option from the settings list.
  • Select the desired WiFi network of yours, enter the password successfully.
  • How to connect Roku to non smart TV
  • The Roku device will ask you to detect TVs display; you can do that with the help of a remote.
  • Now open the Rokus sites from either mobile or computer, and please enter the code you’re provided at the Roku site.
  • If you’ve already a Roku account, then login into it, otherwise sign up.
  • How to connect Roku to tv with cable box
  • Now give your Roku a nickname and tell in which room the device is in.
  • The Roku will now ask you to select channels and log in to them. When you click on these channels, the Roku device will automatically connect these channels to the TV.

Now your Roku is ready to serve you thousands of movies, TV shows, and other things you would have missed if you had installed the traditional cabling system. Many people get confused and ask about How to connect Roku stick to TV; this method is quite easy and can solve everyone’s doubts for sure.

How To Connect Roku To Non Smart TV

You can connect the Roku device to the non-smart TV also, and the best way is to insert the Roku stick into the HDMI port of the TV. So now even if your TV is not smart, it must have an HDMI port in it. If it supports an HDMI port, you can directly plug in the Roku device and enjoy streaming on a bigger screen.

How To Connect Roku To TV With Cable Box

If you’re the type of person who still uses the old cable box and steams your favourite television from them, don’t worry because Roku TV is just like ordinary TV, and it does support a cabling system. You shouldn’t worry about the existing cabling system you have because you can watch movies and TV shows on Roku TV.

But when it comes to connecting Roku TV with the cabling box, you need to pay attention to the input-output system of the TV and cabling box.

There are many input-output ports on the Roku TV; you just need to find the audio and video port and connect the cabling system with the TV through the wire. 

If you have the option to choose either from HDMI or coaxial cable, always go with the HDMI because that’s quite easy and less time-consuming. After you’ve connected the cable box with Roku TV, you can follow the steps mentioned above to set up the TV with a wireless connection or make changes like adding your favourite channels on the home screen using the Roku remote.

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So this is how to connect Roku stick to TV in the easiest and the best manner. When it comes to Roku, people usually have lots of doubts, and it’s natural also. The newer versions are easier to set up because they can be connected through a WiFi system in quite less time and can sync data automatically. Even if you’re still unclear on how you can connect Roku without the HDMI, you can leave a comment down below. We will be happy to help you.