Activate BBC iPlayer On Your TV Using code

Many users are trying to find a way to use code to get in order to get the services of the BBC on their desired TVs, smartphones, and Tablets. If that’s the case which is happening with you then don’t worry because here we have mentioned some of the best ways to get BBC account activated and you will be able to enjoy it’s uninterrupted services also. There are many users who are from the UK who are facing that issue so we decided to solve it for all of you. 

Activate BBC iPlayer On Your TV Using code: Sign in to bbc iPlayer

  • Visit code using mobile/pc/tablet.
  • forgot password
  • Now “Copy the code” which is displaying on your TV.
  • Enter that code shown on the TV which you have opened up.
  • Now choose “Sign in” option on the TV.

It will get refreshed automatically and activation will get completed on bigger TV instantly, in no period of time and without any more hassles. We have seen many times that people get quite confused about account setup with TV code because they don’t know where and how to put it up to get the service activated.

How Do I Sign In To BBC Sounds on my Connected TV?

  • Open BBC Sound application on the TV.
  • Select “Sign In” option.
  • Then on the screen you will see a URL with Six Digit Code.
  • Now using your mobile/tablet/computer go to
  • Enter the “Six Digit Code” shown on your TV.
  • Then enter the account details such as username, password and choose ‘Sign In” option.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and your TV will get refreshed automatically.
  • You are now signed in successfully.

Steps To Enter TV Code On Account

Here is how you can enter the TV code to get it activated on your TV,  just follow the steps and it will be done in no time.

  • Open the “BBC iPlayer app.”
  • Choose “Sign In” option.
  • Then go to the “”, then sign in to your existsing account or you can register for the new one also.
  • When asked, enter the TV code shown on the screen, and confirm!

BBC TV Code Registration And Account Creation| How do I create a BBC account?    

To access your account you can use your previous one. If you do not formerly own one you can sign up by proceeding to their official website. 

  • You must own an alternate gadget similar to a mobile, notepad or computer.
  • This is where you will enter the code displayed on your Television.
  • Start the BBC iPlayer App on your Television.
  • Choose the ”Log In” option.
  • However, Tap on the Switch User Option on the right- hand side of the top menu, If you are not inquired to sign in when you Start the app.
  • On your mobile/ Tablet/notepad/ computer, go to the
  • You can see a Display/window asking you to verify your account particulars.
  • Go and precisely check your email address and Passcode and opt Log in.
  • Then you will get a screen on your mobile/ tablet/ computer stating “Enter the code displayed on your Television”.
  • Enter the activation Passcode that appears on your Television Display,
  • After that choose the “Sign in” option on your Television.
  • Hold on a few seconds for your Television to seize up.
  • You are currently Logged in on your Television.

Troubleshooting BBC TV Code Activation 

Now as we have discussed about the activation process of the BBC code, the most aspect from our point of view is that many users don’t know how to troubleshoot the issues which they are facing while trying to connect it with the TV. So if you are having any issue then following are the troublehsooting solutions for the same.

  • Restarting The Device:- One of the first things to do is to turn off the device which you are doing and turn it on again, you can check the manuals for the instructions to how to do it since many TV’s have different configurations when it comes to restarting.
  • Updating the Firmware Software:– The core issue of not activating code could also get fixed if you just update the firmware, because we have seen many times that there are lots of buggs or issues associated with the device, and in such cases you need to do is just update the firmware and it will wipe out all the issues immediately.
  • Reinstalling the Applictaion:- Sometimes iPlayer becomes buggy, so if that’s the case then what you need to do is uninstall the application and re-install it again in order to use without any bugs.
  • Disconnect the Device and Reconnect It:- So it might be simple but disconnect the device you are trying to stream BBC iPlayer in from the internet and try to re-connect it again.

If you are still having some issues while connecting account TV code then here is the support system page of the official BBC where you can contact them and get the required help for the same also.

How To Find TV Code For Account

Once you open BBC iplayer application on your TV, you must have to sign in to your account. Now once you do that you will see the CODE in front of the TV. The next important thing to do for you is to enter the activation code, and to do that you need to open up your mobile/tablet/computer, and then go to the enter code. Then enter code that is shown on your TV carefully, once you do that you will see the TV automnatically refreshing, and then you can enjoy the enermous amount of content with just one click.

How To Pair Devices Using

There are  methods to sign up to ITV Hub on a Smart TV or linked TV device – a PIN-pairing system. We propose the usage of our PIN-pairing system to sign up for your TV with the aid of using following easy steps:

  • Choose “Sign in Now”, then you will proceed to a 3 step screen titled as “Sign in” or “Sign Up to Unlock Great ITV Shows.” 
  • Then open the link given below on your PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet:
  • If you are signed in on this device, you will be prompted to enter the passcode displayed on your Television .
  • Enter your TV’s 6-digit number
  • Then click on the ‘’Continue’’ button. (The code is updated after every 10 minutes). 
  • In case you don’t see the screen, you have to register for an account else sign in using the email address and password you registered with to finish the process.
  • Your TV will asked to confirm you are now Logged In. 
  • Click “Continue” on the TV and then you can watch programs in the app.

Reset Password using reset password

Resetting password or forgot bcc account password is the common issue which we have seen many users facing, and if you are one of those guys who are getting it then don’t worry because here is the way to retrieve your password.

  • Firstly, go to the I have forgotten my password web page.
  • When inquired, input the email you used to sign up into the BBC into the appropriate field. (In case you registered with a fake or duplicate e-mail, you won’t be capable of resetting your password, so you will want to sign up for a brand new account.)
  • BBC will then send you a link on your registered email which will help you to reset your password.
  • When you obtain that email, tap on the link and you will be advanced to a web page in which you could create a brand new password.
  • Be sure to keep in mind your new password for subsequent time, however do not write it down everywhere in case a person reveals it.


How do I activate BBC iPlayer on my TV?

  • Open bbc iplayer on the tv.
  • Sign in to your bbc account.
  • Now using the desired web browser go to the code
  • Enter code shown on TV.

Why can’t I access BBC iPlayer on my TV?

Try to check whether the TV’s firmware is upto the date or not, since majority of the times what happens is that when you are trying to install an application on the outdated TV, it will result in some errors.

What is a BBC TV code, and why is it important for my account?

BBC TV code is a unique identifier and it’s used for the verification process of the owner of the service to get it on their TV. The reason why it’s so much important is because of the fact that it’s a getway to control the authentication of the users, the company has already made it clear why is it so much important.

Can I link multiple devices to my BBC account using the TV code?

Yes, users can link multiple devices to their BBC account using the TV code, so that you can stream content from the BBC on the mobile, computer, TVs and many other devices at the same time. So if you are feeling confused about whether you would be able to use it on multiple device and connect it then don’t worry.

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So this is how you can use code for activating bbc on your TV screens and get everything from it. Usually users get quite a lot of confusion when they have to do that and that’s why here we decided to explained every possible way which will help you guys. Always remember that if you are facing any issues or problems you can get into the contact of the BBC who are always active online. Also if you have any doubts or questions leave a comment down below.