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John lewis is the credit card that everyone would want to own and have in their pocket because it carries so many benefits for the users. If you are someone who has recently bought it then you must be having some about only one thing which is john lewis credit card activation. If you are confused about how to use the code then here in this article we have shared some helpful information on it which will help you. 

John Lewis Card Activate Using johnlewiscreditcard com/activate According to the news resources until 31st october all the users of the john lewis credit card can use their respective card but after that time they will be required to apply for the new one. You will be able to use your mobile phone application for paying up the bills, earn vouchers and get rewards points by using the new john lewis credit card also. However, before doing all of that one needed to register and we explained that procedure also.  

Registering And Activating John Lewis Credit Card 

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Now after registering for the account the next thing which you can do is to go and activate the john lewis credit card which has recently come into your possession. You can activate the card either through a mobile application or you can also call the customer service number at 0800 915 2205 and the support staff will guide you to complete the procedure.

The new facility of the online account manager is also a great thing which you can try out to activate your new john lewis card. Since their contact support system is made available online for 24*7 hours can be useful for so many reasons. You can get the information about the recents payment from your account, check the balance, set up your new debit card or make changes to it. You can also report your card if it gets stolen or change the PIN and other information that is necessary to the john lewis credit card. 

How To Apply/Register For New John Lewis Credit Card

Before doing everything else, the one thing which you need to do is to register for the new john lewis account. Now that can be done by installing the mobile application of the john lewis or by accessing the john lewis website through the desktop.

How To Register And Use Online Account Manager 

Registering for the account manager gets quite easy when you have all the required information with yourself for doing it. So if you want to start using the account manager the first thing which you need to do is get the account number or the details of the credit card at your hand. If you don’t have the account number then check out the email of yours since that’s where the bank sends the monthly statement and from there you can get that information. 

Alternatively, if you want to register yourself for accessing the account manager then go to the john lewis registration portal and from there you can fill out the required information and it will be done. You will also need to submit the partnership card number there since one of the required conditions. 

How To Get John Lewis Money Protection 

John lewis offers a money protection policy on the various types of products and you can avail that by visiting their website online. John lewis protect plus program gives you an assurance that any of the products if gets damaged, stolen, or anything else then you will be able to get the recovery for the same through this program. 

Once you successfully done with john lewis credit card/activate issue then you can use the latest activated card of yours to get the cover for the same. Now for doing that you must be 18+, must have a valid credit card, product must be bought from the john lewis money protection program, and all other conditions that will be stated while making a purchase.

How To Get John Lewis Credit Card Application

As mentioned earlier whether it’s activating john lewis credit card or applying for the new it can be done through their official application. You can get the john lewis app from the google play store or apple app store. Also if the application is not working or some issues are coming up with it then you can go to the desktop site and get the work done from there. 

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So these are the ways to use and get started with your new john lewis credit card. If you are facing any issues ro got some doubts regarding the same then you can always reach out to the support system of the john lewis and get things done easily without compromising on the situation. If you have any doubts or questions leave a comment down below or read similar articles on and get related information easily. 


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