Apple Has Decided To Cleared Out iTunes Facebook And Instagram Pages

Apple Deleted Facebook And Instagram Page of iTunes
Apple Has Decided To Cleared Out iTunes Facebook And Instagram Pages

Apple Inc., which is known as one of the largest tech companies in the world, might be bringing a significant change for its users. Rumors were going on a few days ago stating that Apple is going to stop itUnes for its users. Many Apple fans have loved iTunes, which was launched nearly ten years ago, but now the company thinks its time has come. Recently it’s been found Apple has deleted iTunes pages on Facebook and Instagram which shows that Apple is serious about discontinuing iTunes. iTunes, which was an integral part of Apple from so much extended period, will not be available for users. This strategy of Apple comes as a shock for many Apple fans because they did not expect something like this would happen. However, in upcoming Apple’s big event, Tim Cook might give an official reason behind closing iTunes for better causes.

Macrumours and Reuters were the first ones who observed this fact that Apple has removed their iTunes pages from Facebook Instagram, where it shows that there are “no posts.” As of now iTunes account on Twitter s still intact, which means we might be able to get future news relating to iTunes on twitter only. Tim Cook a few days ago, already said that the company is trying to diversify its investment into new technology which is the main reason why Apple has recently launched Apple Cards and a movie streaming platform also. So to survive in long terms, Apple is trying to bring any significant changes to the company, which might give you a shock. However, some tech experts are applauding this move of company executives because they think now Apple would be able to use their source of revenue in more advanced tech.

Apple has started its Worldwide Developers Conference, and in there we also might be able to get news on new Mac Pro, iOS 13, and more.

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