Activate Sprint Phone Using code

When it comes to the USA sprint is one of the largest telecommunication networks, which was recently acquired by T-mobile in 2020. If you have recently bought sprint mobile and are trying to get your hands on activating it then it would require you to use code link, and that’s why it’s important to follow up the important guide, and in this article we have elaborated the exact process one needs to follow. 

What Are The Pre-requirements Of Activating Sprint Phone Using code

If you are trying to switch to the iPhone or android smartphone then the one thing which needs to be done is to have a gmail/icloud account with you. If you don’t have the account before, then set it up before you start the activation process. 

  • Removing Old Sim Card

After setting up the account, the next thing which you need to do is remove the old sim card. If you are going to use a brand new sim card from Verizon then you can skip this step.

  • Backing Up Your Old Data

Before you move forward it’s advisable to back up the old data from your old phone on the cloud storage or whatever your preferred choice is since losing up your important data might hurt during the activation process. 

  • Finding Phone’s IMEI or MEID Number

Many news phones will have the IMEI number printed on their backside, also the alternative way is to by dialing up *#06# will give you the required information about it, and save it. 

How To Activate A Replacement Sprint Phone?

Here are some steps that need to be taken for activating the replacement sprint phone. 

  • Turn off the old Phone

Hold down the power button of the phone that you want to replace, if it’s an android smartphone then tap on the power off option from the given menu. 

  • Insert Old Phone’s Sim Card

Remove the old phone’s sim card and insert it into your new phone that you want to use, if you are going to use the new sim card then skip this part right away. 

  • Full Up Your Phone’s Battery

Please ensure that the phone which you are using is fully charged since you will not be able to perform the functions of setting up the phone without it’s fully charged. 

  • Visit Sprint Activation Page

Go to the on another device specially computer,  click on the “sign in option”. account

  • Enter Sprint Username, Password

Enter the spitn username, and password in the given boxes and follow up the on-screen instructions also. 

  • Find The Device For Replace

Go to the “about my devices” section from your account tab, and there you will be able to find the replacement device of yours. 

  • Activate New Phone 

Then from the drop down menu, click on the “activate a new phone” option and follow it up. 

  • Entering Phone’s Serial Number

Then one more thing which you can do is enter the serial number, it can be found from the phone’s box or also it can be found in the phone’s manual also. 

  • Following Up On-screen Activation Prompts

Now the next thing which you need to do is follow up the on-screen instructions on the activation page of the sprint. You will sometimes be asked to enter the SIM card’s ICCID, then the activation will be done shortly by sprint. 

One thing to consider is if you are activating a new device which is not listed on the web page, then click on “enter new device” link under new device to activate heading. Then you will be asked to enter the information of MEID or IMEI from the phone’s box, and after that the activation of the phone will begin automatically.  

  • Powering Up New Device

Once the activation process is completed fully, you can then connect with WiFI connection, follow up the on-screen instructions and continue the process.

How To Activate A New Sprint Phone?

If you have bought a new sprint phone and are now trying to activate it then also it’s an easy task, and what you need to do is just follow up the steps mentioned below. 

  • Finding your new phone’s serial number

Finding a serial number is not that much hard and it can be found out by looking at the packaging or the manual. Also the serial number gets printed on the sprint’s phone receipt also if you have got it then look at it. 

  • Call Sprint Customer Service Center

If you have found the serial number, the IMEI or MEID number then the one thing that needs to be done is to call the sprint customer service center. It can be done by dialing up (888) 211-4727 from their phone. 

  • Follow Up The Instructions Given By Representative

You will have to dial up the number and then follow the instructions given by the tele representative to activate the sprint phone. 

How To Activate Hulu With a Sprint Phone Using

  • First of all, login to the account.
  • Go to the
  • Click on the “activate  now” button.
  • Choose to add hulu to your account. 
  • An activation link for hulu will be sent on the number.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. 


How To Activate or Switch Sprint?

  • Go to prepaid
  • Click on the get started option.
  • Sign in to My Sprint using the username, password.
  • Follow up the instructions given on the screen. 

What number do I call to activate my phone Sprint?

You just need to call 1-888-211-4727 and follow up the instructions and give the required details asked by the representative to activate the sprint. 

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So these are some of the best ways to use account link code to activate the sprint phone and follow up the instructions. Sprint activation isn’t quite necessary and important when you are trying to get the services of it on the phone and other devices, so if you are having any doubts or questions you can contact the support system and they will resolve it. Also if you have any doubts or questions then leave a comment down below.