Activate Soundcloud Using xbox code  code:- It would be hard to imagine what our life would have been if there was no soundcloud, since this single website made years ago has pioneered a medium to stream and listen to millions of songs. If you are a music creator or just a listener and trying to use soundcloud then you should know how to use it code link. Because we have seen many users don’t know about the activation method and how to use it, hence we discussed it in this article. 

Activate Soundcloud Using On xbox code

Soundcloud requires nothing but simple steps to be taken by the users for activating it on the xbox device, and if you are using xbox device then it becomes quite easier to do that. 

  • First of all, open the soundcloud app on the xbox device.
  • You will see soundcloud activation code on the screen. 
  • Using mobile or PC, go to the link.
  • sign in
  • On android devices:- Open the soundcloud activation link directly on your android device, ensure that you are signed in to the soundcloud account, the page will prompt you to enter the activation code.
  • On iOs devices:- make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the soundcloud on iPhone and then sign in to soundcloud account to pair the account with xbox enter the activation code. 

How To Activate Soundcloud Using Streaming Devices

Using a streaming device like chromecast, amazon firestick gives you an upper hand to stream soundcloud so if you have then here is how it can be helpful. 


  • First of all, install soundcloud on your pc or mobile.
  • Ensure that both the devices are connected to the same wifi.
  • On your chromecast, you will see an icon to connect with soundcloud.
  • Click on the icon and then start using soundcloud. 


  • You can use airplay to stream sound songs.
  • First make sure that your device is compatible for airpay.
  • Play any track of soundcloud on the device.
  • Swipe up to open the control center.
  • Then click on it and hold down the audio card.
  • Click on the airplay option.
  • Connect with the TV or speakers you would like to get.

Amazon Fire Stick:-

  • Install soundcloud on mobile or PC.
  • Start streaming any song on it.
  • Ensure that the firestick and the device you are using on the same wifi.
  • On your firestick, click on the “connect” icon.
  • Select your device from the list of options. 

So this is how you can use sign in code to get it done either through directly with the help of Xbox or any other streaming devices also. Soundcloud go+ have managed to give the full catalog of the songs and you will get more content with the soundcloud go+. 

How To Control Soundcloud On Xbox With Phone Using link code

If you want to control soundcloud from your xbox device through the phone then you can do it quietly and here is what needs to be done.

  • Open the soundcloud application on xbox.
  • Then using mobile go to sign in
  • Enter the activation code displayed on the xbox device.
  • login 
  • Ensure that you have soundcloud sign in details to confirm it.

Once it’s done, you will be able to get back on the soundcloud and stream anything as you want through xbox and control it with the help of your phone. 

Fix SoundCloud Xbox One Not Working

If soundcloud is not working on your xbox device then the first thing which you can do is try uninstalling the soundcloud application and then reinstall it again on the device. 

If nothing is working out for you then the one thing which you can do is hard reset the xbox device, that’s it. Here are some steps needed to hard reset the xbox device. 

  • Press and hold the xbox button from the console for around 10 seconds.
  • Then unplug the power supply from the console. 
  • Plugin the power supply cable after some time.
  • Press the Xbox control button to turn it on again. 

Hard resetting xbox will sometimes result in deleting cache, memory, so be careful of that since many soundcloud users who were facing the issues of signing to the soundcloud account sign and activating got resolved by following up these steps and hope it would help you also. 


Where do I enter my SoundCloud code?

Once you open the soundcloud application on xbox, you will see an activation code popping up on the screen. Then what you need to do is use your mobile phone and go to enter code and enter that code. 

Is Soundcloud Free?

Soundcloud is a free platform made for both the listeners and creators who want to spread their creativity through music and reach to millions of users.

How do I verify my SoundCloud account?

First of all, login to the soundcloud account from the computer, then go back to the settings and click on the “request verification” button, the team will review your request and then will send an email about the verification of the account. 

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So this is how you can use xbox link code to get soundcloud activated on the device. If you are struggling with the soundcloud or facing any technical issue of connecting it with the phone or streaming device then one thing that you can do is contact the support system and get it done.