Activate Huntington Card Using code

Huntington bank is known among the americans for a long time since it’s famous for the most demanding financial services not only in the USA but also in other parts of the countries also. If you have are confused about using code to get the debit card working and using then here in this article we have mentioned everything regarding it.  Usually users don’t understand about how to get these debit cards activated, so we explained it briefly with each step. 

Activate Huntington Card Using code

So the first thing we would be covering up in this post would be to activate the Huntington debit card online and here is what you need to do. 

  • Go to
  • Huntington tcf login
  • Login to your Huntington account using username, password.
  • Then go to the “customer services” tab.
  • Choose “card services” and then click on the “activate debit card” option.
  • Enter a 3 digit security code from the back of the card.
  • Wait for a few seconds and your card is activated. 

Activating Huntington Debit Card Using Mobile Application

The above mentioned method can be opted by the PC users and if that didn’t work then don’t worry because by using the mobile application we can also do the same thing and here is what you need to do. 

  • First of all, install the Huntington mobile application.
  • Then login to your Huntington account using login credentials.
  • After that click on the “more”>manage cards” option.
  • Now enter the 3 digit security code from the back of your debit card.
  • Click on the “activate” button and wait.

You need to wait for a few minutes and you will get the confirmation on the mobile phone that your Huntington debit card has been activated successfully. 

Activating Huntington Debit Card Using Mobile Number

There is another simple and easiest way to activate the huntington debit card and it’s by using the customer care phone number provided by the huntington bank. By calling at “800 480 2265” number during the working hours of monday-saturday and give the required information. The administration side from the Huntington bank will ask you for the required information, give it to them and your card is going to get activated without any issues. 

huntington card activate

Login To Huntington Account Using www.huntington 

The one thing that we are seeing so many users are struggling with is about the login issues with the huntington account. If you are also facing the same issues then here is how you can access the huntington account online without any fuss or issues in the easiest ways. 

  • Go to the
  • Choose your Huntington bank account type.
  • Then enter the username, password in the blank boxes.
  • Click on the “login” button.
  • You will be logged in directly. 

If you have forgotten the password or username is not coming up into your memory correctly then click on the options given there and you will be shifted towards that tab. It will help you to change the password and username in the right direction, and make the appropriate changes also. 

How To Pay Huntington Auto Loan Using

You can use the online platform of Huntington and pay the auto loan if you have any. Go to the and it will ask you whether you have the username or password. If you have the login credentials then click on the “yes” option. 

Enter the login credentials of yours and then follow the on-screen instructions carefully. You will be asked some questions and then you can check the loan balance also, and by the end of it you can pay the loan online.

If that doesn’t work directly contact the support system of the Huntington bank online and tell them that you want to clear off some of your loans and they will process that request accordingly. 

Activating Huntington Card Using ATM Branch

Another way to tackle the problem of activating your Huntington card is by visiting the nearest ATM branch and getting things done. Go to the nearest ATM branch located near your house and enter the card into the ATM machine, you will be asked to generate the PIN for login, create it by yourself and remember that PIN, also complete the on-screen instructions shown on the screen of the ATM machine. Your card will get completed in a shorter time and will get notified about the same. 

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How Do I Check The Balance On My Huntington Debit Card?

You can check the balance on the Huntington debit card by calling their official number which is (800) 480-2265 or (616) 335-8828 outside the U.S and get the required information about it. You can also login to the huntington account through and check the balance online by yourself. 

Is Huntington Online Banking?

Yes, Huntington supports online banking. Just login to your account and use the net banking or the Huntington debit card that is issued to you and make the required usage of it online. 

How To Cancel Huntington Debit Card Online?

You can cancel your Huntington debit card online by visiting the site and login to your account. There you will find an option for deactivation or you can simply contact the officials from the website and call them and tell them about deactivation, and it will be done quickly by them.  

How To Change The Username, Password, PIN?

You can reach out to the huntington at (800) 480-2265 and tell them that you want to change the PIN, password or username whatever thing that you want to make the changes to and they will process your request accordingly. 


So these are the various ways through which you can activate Huntington card online and access Huntington tcf login also. Huntington is a bank that provides tons of services under one roof and you don’t need to open multiple bank accounts elsewhere, since by using their sole service everything can be done. If you have any doubts or questions about the same, leave a comment down below and we will be happy to help you out.