Activate Walmart Money Card Using code

In recent times the only thing which many people are trying to find is a way to get walmart money card since there are lots of things you can do with this tiny and the most powerful card. If you have also recently bought it and are now trying to find a way to use code for activating this card then here in this article we have tried our best to explain what types of process or things one needs to go through to get it done. 

How To Activate Walmart Money Card Online

So the first question that would come into your mind is how to use the activation code link of the walmart moeny card so here we have explained how it can be done by following the steps mentioned below. moneycard activate login

  • Go to
  • Now enter a 16-digit card number.
  • Enter the date of month and year of expiration.
  • Then enter your security code/pin number.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Enter the code that has been displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the “next” button.
  • You will receive email or message for successful completion.

Many people get confused when it comes to using or activating walmart money cards since there is tons of information out there but the process is quite an easier one and you just need to follow the steps mentioned above. 

What Are The Benefits Of Activating Walmart Money Card

So once you are done with using the walmart money card/activate code and now trying to find out what types of different things can be achieved through the usage of this amazing card then here we have mentioned each of them, and you can relate to some of it for sure.

  • Walmart MoneyCard can be used for shopping in the Walmart store either offline or online and one of the best things about it is that it can be used similar to any other credit cards. The company has given the same perks and advantages like any other credit card users. 


  • Another best thing about using walmart money cards is that you get tons of cash backs and petrol rewards. Once you activate walmart money card by following the right procedure then you will start earning the cash rewards and other things. Users who do frequent transactions should start using walmart money card since it has plenty of perks and benefits than any other cards in the market. 


  • Sending money to anyone across the globe is possible through the usage of walmart money card, you just need to login to walmart money card account and enter the details of the recipient and everything will be done in no time. Users have started to use this feature since they get more benefits such as cash rewards, immediate perk points, and plenty of other things. 


  • Walmart Money Card is issued by the GreenDot Bank so you will be receiving tons of great benefits that the green dot bank users are getting. 


How To Make Walmart Money Card Login Online

Once you have acquired the walmart money card the next thing is to login to the account and many users are confused about it and don’t know how to get it done, so here is how you can login to your walmart money card account online and access everything. 

walmart money card balance check

You will be taken by the website to the main dashboard where you can see the walmart money card balance, check the payment history of past transactions and many other things at that place. 

How Do I Check My Walmart MoneyCard Balance online?

You can check the balance of the walmart money card online by logging to your walmart money card account through app or on desktop. You can also message “BAL LAST 4” to 96411, here the last 4 means the last four digit number of the card in your possession. 

Walmart money Card Customer Service

You can contact the customer support system by calling at the number (877) 937-4098 for any kind of technical or other issues such as not being able to sign in to your walmart money card account or even if you have lost it. The customer support system of the company is quite quick and helps to resolve the issues quickly than any others. 


Can you use a Walmart MoneyCard without activating it?

Yes, you can use the Walmart money card without activating it. What you need to do is contact the support system of Walmart and tell them that you don’t have the SSN. Once they get this information, they will enable your moneycard as the gift card and you can start using it onward. 

Why is my Walmart MoneyCard blocked?

If you have wrongly registered your walmart moneycard then there are high chances that it will get blocks at some time. If you have bought the money card but forgot to activate then also after some certain period your card will get deactivated by the company automatically. 

Can you withdraw money from Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from the nearest customer service desk at the walmart location without getting an extra charge for the same. You can also withdraw cash from the ATM using the money card but it will charge you certain charges and usually that would be around $2.50 more or less depending upon the transaction. 

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So this is how you can use walmart money card activate link or the code to get the services activated. Many users don’t realize the fact that what they need is the walmart login details and that’s it, everything can and will be found on the official website of the walmart moneycard from where you can check the balance, payment, and many other details. Still, if you are having any issues while activating the card or have some doubt leave a comment below. You can also rech out and check pcfielders for more related informtion.