activate priceline rewards card using pricelinerewardsvisa/activate

If you are the type of person who loves traveling then you must be using the price line reward visa card which is issued by the top financial institution i.e. Barclays. Priceline is a major travel booking website on which a can use Barclays issued credit card but we have observed that many users are struggling to understand pricelinerewardsvisa/activate and use the price line visa card. So we have decided to give an in depth view of how you can use activate and get things done in the easiest ways. 

How To Activate Priceline Rewards Cards

So before we get into the actual process of activating the priceline rewards visa card, here are some things which you need to have: 16 digit card number, 4 digit SSN code and 3 digit security number also. 

  • Using mobile or PC go to the activate
  • Enter the details of the card, SSN and security number.
  • Follow up and complete the information on the page displayed.
  • Click on the “activate” button.

You will get an email on the registered email address after a few seconds that the price line rewards visa card has been activated by the company and now you can use it in your own desired way. 

How To Submit Priceline Reward Application Form 2023

If you don’t know about how to get the priceline rewards cards then the first thing to do is start with submitting the form. So follow up the steps mentioned below to get the application form filled up.

  • Go to the
  • Then click on the “apple now” option.
  • Enter the essential details like username, last name, email address etc.
  • You will have to verify the address so enter the city name, street, etc.
  • Verify the citizenship of the country you are living in b y entering the social security number in there. 
  • Then enter the employment details like whether you are self employed or salaried person, expected salary per month and your annual income.
  • Check out the terms and conditions page and verify the details there. 

Now since you have submitted your application it will take up to one week (7 days) to get the approval from the bank and they will deliver the card within the time frame after verifying the details that you have put in. After receiving the priceline reward visa card just go to the and get it activated within a few minutes. 


How much is 10000 Priceline points worth?

10000 priceline points will be able to help you pay off the $100 credit bill. You can earn the priceline bonus points by using the card at the gas line stations and at the restaurants since the card is accepted at the majority of the restaurant and petrol gas stations also. 

What are Priceline Rewards?

Priceline rewards are the points that you will get for every purchase made by using the priceline rewards visa card. For example users get usually around 5X points for every $1 dollar spent on the bookings. However, on the gas and restaurant spending the earnings points rate is 2X. On other spending the earning points will depend upon the type of purchase you are doing. 

How do I claim my Priceline Rewards?

You can claim the priceline rewards by calling up at the number written down at the back of your priceline rewards visa card or you can visit the barclays official website and get it done. 

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So this is how you can activate priceline rewards card using activate Code and get started with it. Barclays have issued this card to help the users who frequently travel around and spend lots of money on the gas station. If you have any issues about the usage then visit barclaycardus and get the solution by talking to the customer services. If you liked the content then visit pcfielders and if the problem persists then one can leave a comment down below and our experts will be happy to guide you through.