Netflix error code 1023 Fixed In Easy Steps

Since we all like to watch Netflix because of the great movies and TV shows, we will sometimes face some technical issues with this platform. Netflix is that platform you can’t resist yourself watching the best movies, but sometimes there are some problems the users face. One of those problems is Netflix error code 1023, which many people have said to us.

After researching and finding out that this problem arises while trying to stream movies on mobile or PC. Since this issue is quite standard and it could be caused by various things such as network, Internet settings for any other reasons. So we have discussed every possible solution to fix this issue. 


How To Solve Netflix Error 1023

The problem with Netflix is quite common, and it can be fixed by using simple tricks. You can follow them as we mentioned below. 

netflix error -1023 android

Method 1. Access Netflix Through Computer

It would help if you tried using Netflix on a computer. So if you are getting Netflix error -1023 on any other device, then you should try to open Netflix on a computer and check whether it fixes the issue or not. If the Netflix site is working correctly on the computer, then think that there is an issue with your device, and you need to check what’s that. It could be the network, internet, or any other problems that get fixed.


Method 2. Check Network Settings

If you are streaming Netflix from your network settings from where the streaming Netflix is already, you won’t binge-watch your favorite movies or Tv shows. If you are at school, college then there is a high chance that your mobile won’t access Netflix servers through that network carrier. In such a case, change the network and see whether you’re still facing this issue or not. 


Method 3. Disable VPN

If you are streaming Netflix through a private network like VPN, then there is a high chance that you will face this error in front of your desktop screen. Netflix has gotten smart with its technology, and they try to prevent all users from trying to access other regions’ content using the VPN. So disabling VPN for such reasons should fix this issue for you. 

netflix error code -1023

The same thing applies to ad blockers as well. Usually, people like to install ad blockers on their browsers to make their movie experience far better. If you are using that, then try to disable it and try reaccessing Netflix.


Method 4. Check The Internet Speed

Peioplemactaully wants to stream high-quality movies on 180P when they barely have a secured internet connection. The most common problem faced by Netflix users has always been a poor internet connection. If you cannot stream the netflix content and get Netflix error code nw-2-5, then there is a high chance that your internet connection is not working correctly. 

sorry we could not reach the netflix service

The recommended speed for streaming Netflix content has been defined as 0.5 Mbps. Now you can use any internet speed checker application to test the speed, make sure your internet connection is connected correctly, and has a decent amount of speed. If it shows below the recommended speed limit, then try to use another network, 


Method 5. Use DIfferent Network Connection

As mentioned above, there is a high chance that your internet connection, which is having a poor connection, might be the main culprit behind why you are getting this issue. People usually don’t get the main reason why they should use a high-speed internet connection.


So in this method try to use different WiFi or internet connection. If the router is located at a far distance, then try to make it closer to your computer and see whether it fixes the issue or not.


Method 6. Restarting The Device

Router, PC, or any other one you are using to watch Netflix should try to restart it. Sometimes, a technical glitch could be the main reason you cannot stream any movies or TV shows. Many people said that after restarting the router, they could stream the Netflix without any issue. So if you are also facing the same issue the try to use this method. 


Get the help of a technician by contacting the customer care of Netflix. There are many times the problem could be from their side and in such situation we can; do much. This situation can be better handled when you contact Netflix and get into theri touch and discuss the main issue. They will analyze the problem from their side and tell you the main reasons you are getting Sorry we could not reach the service (1023) error code in front of the display. 



These are some of the best methods to fix Netflix error code 1023, which are relatively easy to use. Many people have said it earlier and mentioned this issue, so it is evident that we help our readers. Getting a technical issue or error when you’re watching a movie is irritating. However, these solutions should work for you.

If you have any other doubt, you can leave a comment down below, and we will be glad to help you out. If the problem is still persisting then there is a higher thance that it could be more a technical issue and it needs to be done with the help of professional. Till then keep reading on our site and love watching movies.


Thanks for reading the article. 🙂

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