How To Watch MSNBC On Roku [2Easy Ways]

When it comes to streaming devices, one of my own favorites is Roku. The way the company has managed to put everything under this little stick is quite fascinating. When the Roku came out in the market for the first time, many people doubted it. Now everyone is using it to stream their favorite movie or TV shows. MSNBC is the news channel which is quite famous in the US continent, whether it’s the local or international news they cover everything. Now, if you wonder how I can watch msnbc on a Roku device, you are at the correct place.

We have seen many Roku users unable to find the correct ways to get msnbc on the Roku device, so we decided to dig into the problem and found a useful solution. MSNB was quite available in the Roku device earlier as the standalone application, but now it’s been part of the NBC news app.

How To Watch MSNBC On Roku Device

So what’s the best way to stream msnbc on the Roku device when you can’t install it directly using the Roku channel store? We have shared the following ways, which are working 100%, and it will help you also. 


  • Ensure that the Roku device is connected to the TV’s HDMI port.
  • Go to the Roku home settings.
  • Using the Roku remote, go to the search menu.
  • how to watch msnbc on roku
  • Type in NBC news in the search box.
  • how to watch msnbc on roku without cable
  • Now click on the add channel option.
  • Open the MSNBC channel by clicking on it.
  • Select MSNBC channel from the top of the drop-down menu.
  • how can i watch msnbc on roku
  • Stream MSNBC on the Roku device.


Many people don’t realize that they can’t find the MSNBC application on the Roku’s channel store easily. So in this method, what we did was first add NBC and then use the main application to stream your favorite news channel. It’s working without any issues, and we hope that it also helps you, but if not, go ahead and try another way. 

How To Live Stream MSNBC On Roku 

As mentioned above, there is no standalone app to stream your favorite shows from the MSNC, so what you can do is use other main applications to select MSNBC and stream it on the Roku device. So here we have listed some of the best ways through which you can stream MSNBC on the Roku device, so let’s find out.

Youtube TV

So the best option which we have found for streaming MSNBC with the help of other standalone applications is Youtube TV. The subscription-based YouTube TV on the Roku device comes at $69 per month, and it includes hundreds of various channels in it. One of them is MSNBC which you can stream with the help of YouTube Tv; there is a one-week free trial also available that you can use.

Hulu+Live TV

how to live stream msnbc on roku 
The best thing about using the streaming device is Hulu+live TV because it gives you a chance to stream MSNBC on the bigger screen quite easily. The Hulu-based subscription is available with a monthly plan, and you will get hundreds of channels along with the MSNBC on there. Usually, people who are always bored or want to have the TV network working completely fine can go with this option.

Sling TV

get nbc news on roku
Sling Tv is quite famous among the teachers of movies or TV shows, and that’s because you get tons of options to stream your favorite movies, TV shows on the bigger TV screen. If you have the Roku device and are trying, you have plenty of options to stream the MSNBC channel on the bigger TV screen.

The best thing about using the cable subscription is that you have plenty of options to choose from when you get one. So if you are using AT&T TV on the Roku device, which is a well-known cable service provider, you get the chance to watch MSNBC on the Roku device. Many other channels and movies come with an AT&T TV subscription for the users that many people usually forget about.

Fubo TV

how to watch rachel maddow live on roku 
It would be quite unfair if we don’t include the best streaming channel on the Roku device in the form of Fubu TV. Because here we have the Fubo TV available on the Roku device for the subscription that can help you stream various shows, movies, and even MSNBC on the bigger TV screen. People who are quite bored of streaming various shows and want to stream their desired news, entertainment, and local channels would go with this option. The monthly subscription to the Fubu TV will cost you around $65, and it’s worth it for sure.


MSNBC is quite a popular channel, but you won’t find it there since there is no standalone app to stream it directly on the Roku device. So another alternative option for users is to go with TVision that can help you stream the best source of entertainment that you can enjoy on the TV screen.

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How to watch msnbc on roku without cable

You will not find the standalone app for MSNBC on the Roku device, so the best option for you remains to use other streaming applications that have the inbuilt facility of streaming MSNBC on Roku. FuboTV, Youtube TV, Sling, At&T TV are examples of getting MSNBC on Roku.

How to watch rachel maddow live on roku 

Get a subscription to the channel that supports MSNBC live streaming. Since on the Roku device, there is no direct support available for MSNBC, you will have to use other premium subscription platforms to get this channel on the Roku device, and then you can stream any desired content of yours.


So these are the best ways to get the MSNBC channel on the Roku device and use it to stream tons of varieties of movies and TV shows. There are very few channels on the Roku store that can give you a chance to stream everything in one place. If you are wondering how you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows, this is the best way.


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