How To Turn Off Roku Express, Express Plus, Express 3700x

When it comes to streaming devices, the only name which pops up in our mind is Roku. This little yet outstanding device managed to provide useful services to all cinema lovers, and there has been no better time to use it now. Out of all the versions, Roku express was quite successful, and people bought it immensely.

Roku express might be the fascinating device you have used, but if you’re struggling to find out how to turn off Roku express, don’t worry. Because many people still don’t know how to turn off Roku express, we have decided to create this tutorial that will tell you how to do that easily.

How To Turn Off Roku Express With The Remote

If you have the Roku express device and the Roku remote with you, then you will be able to turn it off quite easily, and here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to the setting option.
  • Then select System.
  • Click on the power option.
  • From the list of options, select auto power off.
  • how to turn off roku express 3930x
  • Then, in the end, click on the restart option.

The auto power-off option will automatically turn off the Roku device if the device finds no usage within 30 minutes. This option is good for those users who keep the device idle and trying to find the way to turn off the Roku express plus device, and it’s quite beneficial. 


When it comes to turning off the Roku express plus device, it’s not the usual process because the device will still be active even if you switched off the physical pairing button. The software update in the devices will be operating in the back end in the automatic mode, and in such a case, you need to use the auto power-off option like mentioned above. 

  • Go to the settings>system.
  • Click on the power>auto power off.

It will shut down your Roku express plus device for the inactivity of the 30 minutes or so, and that’s quite useful because you are going to put it idle, But there is an alternative way to turn off the Roku express plus also.


  • Connect the Roku device to the power strip with a switch.
  • You can turn on or off the device by pressing the switch on the power strip.

How To Turn off Roku Express 3700x

Roku express 3700x is the smart device that you can control through the mobile app and the remote. Using it is quite easier and making some changes also requires little to less effort from the user’s side. So following are the ways through which you can turn off Roku 3700x.

  • If the TV and Roku express are connected through the AC outlet, removing the AC outlet will automatically turn off the device.
  • You can use a smartphone if the Roku express device is plugged into the smart plug.
  • Using a smart power strip and pressing the switch button will also turn off the device. 

How To Turn Off Roku Express 3930rw

If you are using Roku express 3930rw or 3930x, then turning this little device off is quite simple, and you can do that through the following ways. 

  • Unplugging the Roku express 3930 devices from the TV will automatically shut it off.
  • If you have used the HDMI cable to connect it, remove the HDMI cable along with the AC power adapter.
  • how to turn off roku express 3930r
  • You can also use the smartphone through the app to turn off the Roku express.


How To Turn Off Roku Express 3910?

If you are using the 3900 series model of the Roku express, this model is quite good in terms of service. You will not face any issue while streaming ten movies or TV shows on the bigger screen. But, sometimes, we have seen users complain about not turning off Roku express 3910, but here is how it’s done. 

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on the system>power option.
  • Select the auto power-off option from the list.
  • Choose the system reboot option from the given options.
  • The device will get shut down automatically.


  • If the Roku express device has a USB connection, then unplug the wires.
  • Unplug the AC adapter and disconnect all the cables from the power outlet.

Does Roku keep streaming when TV is off?

Yes, even if you turn off the TV, the Roku device will keep working in the background for one hour. So it’s advisable to turn it off through the settings and set it on the auto turn off mode which will shut down the device after thirty minutes of idle time. 

Should I unplug Roku when not in use?

No, you should better place it because the Roku device will update all the necessary software updates in the background. If you unplug and then re-plug it back, the device will start to install the new updates, and it will take lots of time to start it again. 

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So these are some of the best and legit ways to know how to turn off Roku express. Even if you are using the Roku device, try to keep the auto power function off because it will help you shut down the device if it’s staying out of power for more than 30 minutes. There are many series of the Roku express model, and each of them can use the methods mentioned above.

But, if the settings are different in your Roku device, we would advise you to check the user manual because that would help you resolve all of the doubts. Still, if you have any more questions, leave a comment down below; we will be happy to help you out.