A Guide To How To Tame Pandas In Minecraft 2021

These amazing and cute animals can also be found in the world of Minecraft. These great creatures roam the jungles. They are usually next to their favorite food, bamboo, and this is the key to their domestication. Usually, while playing minecraft you will stumble upon lots of animals like horse, fox, cat but the rarest one is the sweet loving panda. 

If you are playing on PS4 or having an education edition of minecraft then there is no need to worry about how to tame a panda in minecraft. In this article we briefly explained how you can tame a panda in the most efficient manner. 

How To Tame A Panda In Minecraft?

It’s a pretty easy process, but it might take more work with these lazy beasts because they often breed like other animals in the minecraft. The main thing which you will have to do is to basically keep feeding them bamboo until the hearts appear above your head and bring them closer to each other. Pandas are those animals which are quite lazy and they cannot be seen moving from one place to another quite often. So even though might seem quite loving and interesting it requires some patience and a few actim your side to get the panda in minecraft. 

In the case of pandas, it’s not just about rekindling the excitement of the heart. You actually have to zoom them in manually and be careful that they don’t get too attached to you. So when you give them the bamboo, you have to stay away from them.

how to tame a panda in minecraft education edition

Another thing is that there must be eight bamboo blocks within a five block radius of each other in heart mode. They aren’t exactly domesticated, but they are kept in captivity which is easy because they don’t budge, they are exactly yours.

The main reason behind is that pandas often get attracted to you very easily and it makes the process of domestication quite hard. If you want to pet pandas in minecraft no matter then make sure you stay away from them for some time after you feed them bamboo.

How To Tame A Panda In Minecraft PS4?

You can’t tame pandas directly while playing minecraft in PS4 but by keeping them fed their favorite bamboos can actually help to breed more pandas. It won’t matter which version of PS4 you are using there is no clear option to tame the pandas rather it’s a process of breeding and it requires bamboo farms in which you can cage them and pet as well.

how to tame a panda in minecraft java

Spawning Of The Pandas

Pandas are the beautiful animals in Minecraft which everyone wants to have in their possession. However, very few know how to breed them, and that’s why they described the procedure in the best ways. Now pandas spawn in the groups of 1-2 on the various grass blocks in the jungles. They will be spawning near the bamboos in the jungle, and they love being surrounded by bamboos. 

The color of pandas spawning will sometimes be different. However, these pandas roam around in various personalities, so it’s upto you to find the right one. Usually, pandas spawn around as a brown variant, and that’s the quiet, friendly panda that you will ever witness. 

How Pandas Behave In Minecraft

Pandas are seen as the calmest and beautiful creatures in Minecraft. They will not attack you first and can be controlled with the set of bamboos. They can travel with you, but upto certain blocks like 16, and after that, they would stop right there and start taking rests. These animals respond to the attack like other mobs, and in such cases, they will try to protect themselves and their baby pandas from you or any other animals by attacking. So don’t mess with these simple-looking cute pandas. 

How To Transport Pandas In Minecraft?

One of the most asked questions about pandas in Minecraft was how someone could transport them to another place. Even though many tutorials still doubt this thing, and to be clear, you can transport pandas in Minecraft to another place by boat. Boats in Minecraft can carry pandas easily without putting in many efforts. 

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Check Out Video tutorial for better undertanding on how taming a panda works. :- https://youtu.be/mq1MghpBNFU


So this is how you can tame a panda in the Minecraft PE edition. Many people love playing Minecraft because of the adventure and intense game. However, when you bunch of cute animals like pandas in your possession, everything becomes great and enjoyable. Pandas are not easily found, and you can not tame them like a fox, cats, fish, etc., and you have to wait and follow the mentioned above methods.

If you can follow these instructions, then you will have a beautiful panda in your possession. Even though there are some things that you need to take care of, we hope you liked the article amd the comprehensive tutorial.