How To Take Apart A PS4 Controller Easy Ways

When it comes to PS4 controllers, they can be used for hard gaming in which we will press the buttons covid actively and hardly. However, a PS4 controller also requires good maintenance because if you want to use it for the long term, you have to maintain it properly. Many people are searching about how to take a part of the PS4 controller, and in this article, we have tried to explain it with the help of tutorials and pictures.

To take apart a PS4 controller, you’ll need the following things.

  • PH0 screwdriver
  • Plastic spudger.

The PS4 controller we are using in this tutorial is called DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT1E, so the process or the steps of disassembling might not be the same if you are using a different PS4 model.

How To Take Apart A PS4 Controller Without Breaking It

Follow these simple steps carefully to successfully disassemble it. 

  • Open up the gamepad case near the earphones port.
  • Then open up the case near the left and right triggers.
  • After that, remove the bottom case of the PS4 controller. Also, don’t forget while removing the bottom case, you will have to remove the backlight cable embedded in it. 
  • Now disconnect the PS4 4 controller battery and to do that, just pull up the battery cable and remove it.
  • Then remove the battery securing the area.
  • Now Unscrew the screw which is used to fix the mainboard.  
  • Then disconnect the cable from the mainboard of the Dualshock 4 controller and remove the mainboard.
  • Now you can clean the mainboard if you want.

SO this is how you can take apart the PS4 controller and even paint it if you want. Many people have asked us about how to take apart a PS4 controller and clean it. So follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be successfully able to do it without any cause.


Just make sure that you use a clean cotton swab to clean it. It will protect the PS4 controller and will prevent any damage. 


How To Take Apart A PS4 Controller And Put It Back Together 

Even though now you have managed to clean the PS 4 controller by opening it up. The task isn’t finished yet, so follow these steps to make it normal or out it together.

  1. First of all, put the mainboard in its place in the case.
  2. Now connect the touchpad cable to the mainboard.
  3. Then secure the board with screws.
  4. Put the battery securing area on the mainboard.
  5. Then place the battery in the securing area and connect it to the mainboard.
  6. Connect the backlight cable to the mainboard.
  7. The gamepad bottom case should get installed starting from the upper edge, where left and right triggers are usually placed.
  8. Check if anything is interrupting the bottom edge of the gamepad case; if nothing’s there, snap it.
  9. When the gamepad case is closed, check if the gamepad works successfully by pushing the PS button and check the backlight indicator working or not.
  10. Then tighten up the screws carefully.



How To Open A Playstation COntroller?

You can follow the steps mentioned above carefully. However, make sure you have a required set of tools available with you before you start to remove the main board of the PS4 controller.

Why Is My X button Not Working In PS4 COntroller?

It could be because of some hardware wire related issues. If your PS4 controller wires have gotten loosened up, then also you face this type of issue. In such a case, you will have to take a part of the controller and check if the button is working properly or not. 

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So this is how you can take apart a ps4 controller without damaging it. However, make sure that you are following the steps carefully. Since many people are not fond of technical devices, the opS 4 controller is also one of the things. You can check the tutorial on youtube for more clarification. Also, there are many videos available on youtube explaining how you can disassemble the PS4 controller fully and put it together back.