How To Activate 9Now Using code

If you are living in Australia then you must know or have heard about the 9now, since their streaming service has managed to create a massive impact on the users. 9Now have managed to become one of the biggest OTT platforms in Australia where you can find and stream the best types of movies, TV shows. If you are also like others who are trying to  how to use the link to get your favorite types of entertainment on the bigger TV screen then here in this post we have explained how to do it properly.

How To Activate 9Now Using code Code:- There are many SamSung TV users who are trying to find a way to use 9 Now channel on their respective TV. However, when you are in doubt then nothing is going to help you, so here we have made things easier by explaining how you can activate 9now in the easiest ways. 

  • First of all, go to the application store of Samsung TV.
  • After that type in “9now” name in the bar for searching.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Open it up and finish the sign-in procedure.
  • After that open your desired web browser and go to the
  • Sign in to your account, and an activation code will appear in front of the screen.
  • After that enter the activation code into your Samsung Smart TV.
  • All the content will get reloaded automatically.

How To Activate 9Now Channel On Roku Device

There are many roku device users who are struggling to find a way to get http 9now activate on their device and if you are one of them then don’t worry because by following the steps below, you will be able to resolve that issue easily. code roku

  1. Using a Roku device, go to the Roku’s home screen.
  2. After that click on the down arrow from the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Using the virtual TV remote control type in “9now”.
  4. Choose, and click on the ‘Add Channel’ option, and continue.
  5. After that an activation code will be appearing on the screen.
  6. Using any desired web browser go to the
  7. After that enter the activation code and click on the ‘Submit’ button. 
  8. Stream anything as you want from the 9now channel.

How To Activate 9Now On Apple TV?

So there are many ways to get 9now on apple tv and stream your favorite source of entertainment. However, here we have made things easier by using a simple way to do that, what you need to do is just follow the steps mentioned below and it will be done in no time.

activate 9now on samsung tv

  • First of all, go to the App store.
  • Then type in 9now in the search Bar.
  • Click on the download and install it.
  • Enter the sign-in credentials.
  • After that, open the web browser and go to the activate.
  • You will receive an activation number, sometimes it might need you to sign in.
  • After that enter the activation code on your Apple TV.
  • Now stream anything from the 9now on a bigger tv screen.

How To Activate 9now TV on Android TV

Looking at the current condition of the android tv users, you can fairly say that 9now au is the most demanding Tv channel that they are trying to get on their respective devices, and if you are also one of them here is how you can add it. 

  • Go to the app store.
  • Lookout for the Search icon,
  • Enter the 9Now channel name using the virtual keyboard.
  • Choose 9now channel name from the given list.
  • Click on the Install button, and open it up.
  • Choose Connect Your TV option.
  • Enter the 9now login credentials like username, password.
  • After that an activation code will appear on your TV’s screen.
  • Go to the using any desired web browser.
  • Log in using the same credentials.
  • After that enter the code into the respective field.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • The TV screen will get refreshed automatically.

How To Activate 9Now Using Your Mobile or PC

There are many users who are trying to find the best ways to get 9now channel activated by using the PC or mobile phones, and here we have shared the best ways to do it. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below and it will be done in no time. 

  • Open using your desired mobile phone or PC.
  • Then sign in using the valid credentials.
  • After that, open the application.
  • click on the Menu button.
  • Choose the ‘Connect Your TV’ option.
  • Open 9Now onto your TV.
  • A login screen is going to be there on the TV, click on it.
  • An activation code is going to appear then.
  • Now using a smartphone or tablet, go to the https //www.9now activate
  • Enter the six-digit code shown on the screen of your television.
  • The TV screen is going to get refreshed automatically. 

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How do I activate 9Now on PS4?

Open the 9 now application and click on the menu button and then choose the “connect your TV” option. You can stream all sorts of entertainment from 9now on the PS4 with just one click only. 

Why is 9Now not working?

There could be an issue with the mobile data or the wifi signal to which you are connected to is not able to fetch it properly. In such cases, always make sure that the connection is properly made and there is no default since the majority of the time the issue happens to be about the connection. 

How do I download 9Now on Firestick?

You can get 9now au channel on firestick, just go to the app store, search for the 9Now channel, and click on Install button, sign in to your account and stream anything you want. 

How can I watch 9Now outside of Australia?

The only best way to stream your favorite content from the 9now channel is by using the VPN. If you have login details with you then by using the right type of VPN you can always access their services and that’s the best way. 

How to install 9now on samsing TV?

  • Press the Home button using your Samsung remote control.
  • Using the virtual directional pad on your remote, go to and select APPS.
  • Navigate to the Video section, locate 9Now and select Install
  • Enter the login details.
  • Verify the activation code and it’s done!

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So this is how you can 9now login details to activate the channel on the various types of devices. There are many users who are finding it quite hard to get this channel, and for those we can say that either they are following the wrong type of guide or they don’t know how to do it properly. Still, in any case, we hope this guide is going to help you out.