Can You Play Overwatch on MacBook Air Pro in 2023

One of the best things about owning a high-end PC is that you will end up playing some nice awesome games on it. Many people buy MacBook so that they can work efficiently and more productively on their project but sometimes we all need a nice break from our work/study, right? And one of the best ways to take a break is by playing high-end games like overwatch. I’ve seen many peoples searching for queries like can you play overwatch on MacBook air pro? And this article we’ve tried our best to explain how one can play overwatch on their MacBook.

can we play overwatch on mac 1
can we play overwatch on mac 1

I still remember when the first time I heard about this game called “overwatch” and to be honest I just thought this game is it going to be last that much on xbox or PS platform but I was wrong. Overwatch is that game which got trending in the year 2017 and this is the game which is still been searched by many pro and enthusiastic gamers. I spent tons of hours playing this game with my buddies on my PC and there are lots of people who have played or never played and want to try this game on their macbook. Here we’ve gathered all the solutions for how can you play overwatch on mac and we hope that you will like this solution.

How One Can Play Overwatch On Macbook 2018

One of the major drawbacks of using a macbook is that the games overwatch will not be able to play on it because they are officially launched for Mac users. So when you don’t have an option to play your favorite game then what will you do? If you want to find the answer for can you play overwatch on MacBook then here are some methods we’ve written for you which will help you to play this game on your MacBook air pro.

Method 1:BootCamp

If there’s any popular and easiest way one can access windows in their MacBook then it’s by installing the Bootcamp. As we earlier said there’s no official launch of this game for iOS users which means that you will have to buy a Windows PC or convert your current MacBook into windows to play this awesome game. So by installing boot camp on MacBook you will be able to run windows partially on your system and that’s enough to run a game like overwatch.

can you play overwatch 1
can you play overwatch 1

However, if you’re not familiar with the bootcamp software or don’t know how to install the boot camp successfully and using it in your MacBook then don’t worry it’s very simple and you can google it. But one of the drawbacks of using Bootcamp is that your system will be able to run only one OS at a time and for that, you will always have to restart your macbook whenever you want to switch to other OS.  But, that’s not that much big problem because if you want to play games like overwatch then you will have to bear this pain.

I’ve seen many users of MacBook getting a solution for their queries like can you play overwatch on MacBook air pro and most of the times the answer for this queries will be this. You can play overwatch on your MacBook by installing the latest version of bootcamp which will allow you to use windows partially on your system.

Method 2:- Parallels 12

Many people now must be thinking that using a using Bootcamp is not an easy way to run windows and that’s right actually because many people don’t want to get bothered about restarting their PC every single time they want to use windows OS. So if you don’t like to restart your MacBook every time when you want to play the overwatch then you can run windows with the help of Parallels 12 without restarting your MacBook pro every time.  

can you play overwatch on Macbook
can you play overwatch on Macbook

But as they say with great features comes a great price, you can use parallels 12 only if you paid for it and that’s what you don’t have to do when you want to play overwatch on your MacBook Pro by using Bootcamp.

So if you’re willing to pay a little amount of money then we would recommend you to go for parallels 12 because with this much ease of functions you will be able to tons of good games without any big problems. If you’ve decided to buy parallels 12 then just go to the official site and get the paid version of this software and it will be the task of two minutes to install this software on your macbook and you can do that by following the instruction on your screen.

How to Play Overwatch on Mac Without Bootcamp ?

I’m seeing many people asking questions other than can you play overwatch on mac and I want to say them yes, you can by following the second option (by installing Parallels 12) which we have mentioned in the above mentioned guide of how can you play overwatch on macbook.


So this are the best ways through which one can find answers to the queries like can you play overwatch on macbook pro air or can you really play overwatch on mac?. We hope you liked the methods which we’ve mentioned through which you can temporarily convert your macbook into windows. However, if you still got queries related to how can someone play overwatch on macbook then comment down below and we’ll try our best to solve it.