How to Make My MacBook Pro faster 2018

How to Make My MacBook Pro faster

One of the best things about using MacBook is that it can handle lots of multitasking easily as compared to other PCs and that’s why many programmers or avid computers users still prefer this beauty over any other PCs. But as they With great power comes great responsibility you should always take care of your … Read more

[TUTORIAL] How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac

Connect Bluetooth to Mac

The MacOS is one of the most beautiful computers operating systems in the world. No other major operating system like the Windows or Linux is near the MacOS in terms of the beautiful UI. The MacOS stands apart from the other operating systems and that’s why people love it so much. Although, many users who’ve … Read more

How to Remove Find My iPhone Without Previous Owner

how to remove find my iPhone without previous owner

As we all know Apple is more concerned about their products than its users and that’s why they have put the features like find my iPhone in the case if a user’s iPhone gets stolen or lost. However, sometimes the thing which is good or made to protect your iPhone becomes a cause of a … Read more

How to Import Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome

When you’re surfing on the internet the one thing which matters after your internet speed is what type of browser you’re using because many times user want a good and unique interface while surfing on the internet. Many peoples are fond of chrome and that’s why most of the internet users use chrome as default … Read more

Can You Play Overwatch on MacBook Air Pro in 2018

can we play overwatch on mac 1

One of the best things about owning a high-end PC is that you will end up playing some nice awesome games on it. Many people buy MacBook so that they can work efficiently and more productively on their project but sometimes we all need a nice break from our work/study, right? And one of the … Read more